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Hair Extension Course

This Hair Extension Course includes how to apply hair extensions, Microbeads, track weft and tapes.

Tape Hair Extensions:
Tape-in extensions come with pre-taped wefts made of a medical-grade adhesive and are usually one inch wide. Similar to other type of hair extensions, tape-ins can be made of real human and Remy hair or synthetic hair.

Micro beads & Track Weft Hair Extensions:
These hair extensions get their name from the Micro loop, a micro ring and also known as I-tip hair extensions. They are attached with the hair with “cold fusion method” through a small metal bead and an inner silicone lining.

Track weft method involves making a track out of micro rings and securing the hair with the rings.

What to expect...

On Your Hair Extension Course

1.5 day course

Day 1 is 9:45 - 15:00

Day 2 is 9:45 - 12:30

The course costs £280.

All of our courses are ABT accredited and fully insurable to give you peace of mind.

During this course you are going to learn how to apply hair extensions, microbeads, track weft and tapes. (3 Method) You will also learn the importance of insurance and consultation forms. 

You will learn about tools used, products used, hair extensions and how to apply them correctly making sure natural hair stays nice and healthy. 

You will also be learning how to look after hair extensions and maintenance of refits. 

During your practical you will be setting up stations, getting to know your tools, section the hair whilst being shown demo maintenance and removal as well as shown how to cut in.

Please note: On the cutting in you will be shown but not actually cut into the hair extensions themselves. 

What you will learn...

  • Establish clients’ requirements

  • Considering critical factors

  • Carry out hair extension fitting

  • Provide advice on aftercare

  • Consultation forms

  • Understanding of insurance

  • Knowledge of health & safety

  • Disclaimers

  • Tools products used during hair fitting

  • Contra-indications

  • Maintenance

  • Cutting hair extensions

  • Colour Matching

  • Anatomy & Physiology

  • Patch testing

  • Blending

  • Types of hair

  • Placement of hair and Causes of hair loss

  • And much much more…

Practice Kit is provided with this course. 

You will be working on the mannequin heads during your practical session.

Please note we do not include any kits within our single day training courses, however we provide all products and tools required to complete the practical training on the day for you to use. We took this approach following student feedback so that students are not tied into specific kits or brands of products as part of their course fee, before they are trained and able to make an informed choice.  We recommend attending training where you will gain advice about different brands and suppliers to enable you to purchase products from your chosen supplier directly following your training with us. We do offer a kit as a thank you for booking hair extension course and eyelash extension package deal only.

Evenings/weekends can be arranged but there is a 20% increase for evenings and weekends due to out of hours. To arrange either a evening/weekend you must contact us via email, WhatsApp or call with dates in mind. Once confirmed this will be added onto the website for you to be able to checkout.

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