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Body Waxing Course

Beauty-licious Academy team run waxing courses for beginners and established beauticians from our academy in Leeds to help you develop new skills or to hone your already existing talents. We’ll work to ensure that once you’ve finished our comprehensive training course, you’ll be able to deliver excellent waxing services to your clients and establish yourself as the expert in your region.

What to expect...

On Your Waxing Course

Our waxing course takes place over one day. All of our courses are ABT accredited and as result, fully insurable. We’ll make sure that from your perspective, you’ll learn as much as possible in as safe an environment as possible to ensure that you can go on to give your own clients a fantastic service with a smile. You will be taught theoretical knowledge and safety procedures involved in practicing these treatments to an industry-standard as well as carrying out waxing treatments correctly. We also do intimate waxing course aswell as eyebrow wax and tint. Check out our waxing package deal to complete all waxing courses with Beauty-licious Academy.

1 day course from 

09.45 - 15.00.

The course costs 


What you will learn...

  • Knowledge Heath & safety

  • Contra-indications

  • Anatomy & Physiology

  • Understand insurance

  • Waxing products and tools used

  • Step by step in waxing per part of the human body

  • Eyebrow shapes

  • Maintenance

  • Aftercare

  • Insurance

  • Carry out consultation forms

  • Disclaimers

  • Knowledge of Patch Testing

  • and much much more…

You will be required to work on each other on the day or a live model of your choice. Please have as much sufficient hair growth as possible it will be required to carry out wax treatments.

Unfortunately, we can only perform waxing services on areas where the model or another student consents. Nevertheless, the waxing course mandates that we complete waxing services on the eyebrows, underarms, bikini line, and legs.

Please note we do not include any kits within our single day training courses, however we provide all products and tools required to complete the practical training on the day for you to use. We took this approach following student feedback so that students are not tied into specific kits or brands of products as part of their course fee, before they are trained and able to make an informed choice.  We recommend attending training where you will gain advice about different brands and suppliers to enable you to purchase products from your chosen supplier directly following your training with us. We do offer a kit as a thank you for booking hair extensions package deal and eyelash extension package deal only.

Evenings/weekends can be arranged but there is a 20% increase for evenings and weekends due to out of hours. To arrange either a evening/weekend you must contact us via email, WhatsApp or call with dates in mind. Once confirmed this will be added onto the website for you to be able to checkout.

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