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How To Clean UV Gel Brushes

Unlike brushes for acrylic nails, gel nail brushes are often made from synthetic fibres. This means they are more durable than acrylic brushes, so don’t need quite as much special care.

For the most part, a thorough wipe with a lint-free cloth after use should keep your gel brushes clean and in good condition. They can withstand a cleanse with alcohol, but try not to do it too often, as it can still dry out the bristles. They rarely need a soak – just a quick dip and wipe should do the job. store them correctly. Leave a tiny amount of clear gel to stop them from hardening. Keep out of sun light aswell as away from radiators/heat. This could cure your gel brushes. Most importantly when using your UV gel and brush keep the light of them as this could flash cure your products/brush.


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