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How to Become a Waxing Expert

Becoming an expert in any field is a tough ask, but one that comes with great respect and knowledge. For waxing, and the various different waxing treatments, the rewards of becoming the regional waxing expert can bring you huge amounts of business and become a great revenue stream. But how can you become a waxing expert and how do you become the beautician that everyone around you goes to when they need a top-up service? At Beauty-licious Academy, we’ve put together a handy guide of the most important tips to becoming an expert in the field of waxing.

Safe, Precise Waxing

First and foremost, every job that you complete should be safe and precise for your clients. The most important thing about waxing is ensuring that your clients get the proper service done right, first time. Without making sure that your technique is up to scratch and safe for customers, you won’t be getting any repeat custom, and often through reviews, won’t be getting any first timers.

Client Satisfaction

Making sure that your clients are comfortable in their environment is one of the biggest advantages that good beauticians have over not so well-trained counterparts. Giving your customer a space to relax and feel themselves can make your job much easier, ensuring that they aren’t twitching during the application process or flinching when it comes time to wax. This can also increase the safety of the waxing session and will ensure that you’ll be getting customers back to you and your beauty salon.

Excellent Aftercare!

Caring for your clients after the treatment ensures that your wax lasts longer and that clients are happier. Interestingly, proper aftercare following a waxing treatment can also mean that the customer is at a decreased risk of infection and in-grown hairs, which increases the safety of the procedure. With a proper aftercare regime, you’re ensuring that you’re hitting both of the aforementioned points and you’ll be getting repeat clients back to your beauty salon time and time again.

Get in Touch

To learn more about how to properly apply wax services in a safe and secure manner that your clients will love, make sure to book a place on our waxing course. We offer tips on how to maximise your knowledge of waxing and how to apply proper technique.

Get in touch to find out more about our waxing courses from our Halifax beauty salon!


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